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Chat alors ! (by Dubus Laurent)
You’re the only person I loved on Mondays and I fucking hated everyone on Mondays.


I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.

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Why cant my body look like that 
is it true that all black guys in london approach girls with "yo heres my mixtape" ?
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Never heard that one before

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Would you date a bisexual guy if he was a cutie ?
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my number one piece of advice is drink water and stay hydrated. we are made out of water. everything in us is made of water. and u are sitting there drinking a diet coke tellin me that’s all you’ve had to drink today. please get up and drink some water. for the love of god.

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Write her a letter, send her a flower, love only gets old if you let it.

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that answer was so confusing im not sure if you answered the question
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LOL read it man it does make sense

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