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I broke my rules for you.
What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else.
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you ain’t really fuck with me way back then girl how bout now? 

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She love  it when i play in her hair but she love it even more when i play in between her legs

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Kim dumping Ray J’s ugly ass…

the end tho 😂

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 They went full-scale and extravagant for the first Raf Simons’ Dior fashion show on July 2, 2012. Le Monde reports that 22 species of flowers were used, among which were roses, delphiniums, orchids.
The rationale behind the tapestries of flowers is simply that Christian Dior loved flowers. It’s reportedly an attempt at transposing the Granville family garden onto the catwalk.
You went to the barber shop to pree the black guys yeah? Lol bad girl
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Lol no

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Has a boyfriend ever taken you to his barber shop? To let you know it's official
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Loool I’ve been to the barber shop before yes

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You okay baby ?
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I’m very tired

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